The Life a Girl Saved

November 16, 2007
By Ghaydaa Elkasabany, Morgantown, WV

She walks in the room,
frightned and trembling,
she doesn’t know what of

After she sits down for a while
she turned toward the guy behind her,
she wants to say something,

but she can’t,
she knows it

She tries again,
but she can’t seem
to get the words out

so she says something else,
she's been trying,
since the beginning of this year

but everytime,
something else come out of her mouth

Her thoughts are right
she knows that it's so true

But it just seems that
it's not the right time,
not the right moment

Something was definitely
going to happen,
she knew it

She could sense it,
she could feel it
in fingers and toes

It was the end of class
and the minute before the bell

Something did happen,
something horrible, but awesome

Bittersweet, some people call it,
but this was her chance

The boy she had always a crush on
went into a seizer

None of the student knew
what he was doing on the floor

But they all watched him, astonished

None of the other student
knew what to do,
but she knew,

She knew what to do,
she took a class for it,
just in case she needed it,

She didn’t have him
hold on to something,
because it will fall,

She moved all the stuff
that was in front of him and
let it happen,

Holding his hand
as tight as he held hers,
and with his French notebook in his mouth

She knew he would
thank her for it later,

When he finally woke up,
from the deepest sleep he had ever had,

She was at his hospital bed side,
she had accidently fell asleep there,

When he woke her up,
she asked him if he needed anything,

He asked her
what had happened,

She said he fell
and she caught him

The truth was when he was falling
he grabbed her shirt

A couple of buttons were ripped off,
she never told him

She hid it from him,
because she was afraid
of what might he think of her
and she didnt want the attention,

When her parents asked where she was,
she said that

She was at a friend’s house,
her parents never got her

When they asked about her shirt
she said she got into a fight

All she could remember was him,
all she could do as think about him

And although he thought about other things,
he never forgot the incident
but was always wondering why was she there,

In the first place,
God made it so,

And waiting for him,
attending his every need,

He never thought about it,
but he was falling,
madly falling for her,

He never knew it,
he looked at her differently,
but she couldn't sense it

In the hospital,
He asked her if he could
be friends with her,

To know more about
what had really happened

His parents couldn’t tell him,
aunts or uncles, teacher,
they were never there,

She was really hoping
he will forget about the incident,

until one morning,
a couple of weeks later,
she cracked,

And she told everything
about the fall and the seizer
about the buttons and her parents

But by then he had already known
about everything she said,
people had been talking about it

She was worried about him,
felt guilty and worried
that if he knew

If he knew she had been lying
to him, all this time,
he’d hate her forever

She didn’t tell him
because the words got stuck again

She thought he would despise her,
he would call her a liar,
and never even give her a chance
to prove she was worth it

He pretended to think hard
about all the things
she said to him and

When she least excepted it,
he brushed her hair back,
he told her he loved her

For what she did
and he wanted to know more about her
because of the brave thing she did

And she had the most beautiful smile
and that he was extremely grateful
to be one of her closest friends

That’s all she wanted
for someone to care about her
and that incident changed her life


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