November 16, 2007
Can you forgive me?
I know I may have to plea

Breaking what we had
Is the biggest mistake,
That I wish I could turn to fake.
No more happiness exists
Pain has overcome the bliss

All my tears fall
Every time I get your call
Cause you’re everything,
Everything that makes life amazing
But I know this is the choice I’ve been making
And my heart will always be yours for the taking.

Feelings have changed
Though a little too late
But it’s not like we were ever fate
So this is my last goodbye
To the life that was probably all a lie.

Once more I’ll speak the words
That we spoke so often
Even if they have lost their meaning
I hope you’ll always have their feeling.

I love you

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malgal3 said...
Jun. 23, 2010 at 7:03 pm

This Mallory must mean an awful lot to you. I hope things work out.

Your poem was very sweet

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