Would You?

November 16, 2007
If I had red eys,
And tears coming from them,
Would you wipe them away?

If I feel asleep in your arms,
And slept for nonstop hours,
Would you watch me sleep?

If I had a bad day,
And wanted to spend my time alone,
Would you fight to see me?

If I looked my absolute worst,
And felt like a total slob,
Would you tell me I'm beautiful and mean it?

If I wanted to lay under the stars,
And attempt to count each and every one,
Would you lay there with me and count along?

If you answered no, to any of these,
Then you just weren't meant to be,
Sorry, but your heart belongs to someone more.

If you answered yes, to all of these,
Then we should concider the outcome,
Because I wanna know if you will be mine.

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