November 16, 2007
I still love you
Strongly like you
A lot.
And that’s one thing I hate about you
But something I love at the same time
You’re like a war
Easy to start
Hard to end
And impossible to forget
And that’s why I'm writing you this poem
For you
Sometimes I sit and wonder at night if you still think of me
I also wonder if you would ever open your eyes and see
Because I don't want to lose you
I wish you could say I like you too
And mean it as true
I realize I know almost nothing simple about you
Like is your favorite color red, orange, yellow, green, or blue?
And I wish I could know that answer because then I would be one step closer to knowing more about you
And you know what?
Liking you is like having open heart surgery without the anesthetic.
I once read a quote:
"People should fall in love with their eyes closed.
Just close your eyes... don't look and it's magic."
Well someone must have opened their eyes during our magic trick
Because it didn't work out
And the funny thing is, we both wanted it to.
People would ask me how it was going with you
I would say good
But know I feel like I spoke to soon
I really miss your smiles
You made even going to school seem worthwhile
I miss everything from the way you sat close to me to the way you kissed
I loved the way you could turn anything into a joke and make me laugh
The way you could look into my eyes and give me an electric jolt
I miss the way you would whisper things into my ear
So nobody else could hear
I just miss all the sweet things you used to do
Like when it was rainy out and you offered my your shoes
You even thought about me enough to buy me an umbrella to use
It's just all the little things you said and did that made me fall so hard for you
Hard enough for it to be nearly impossible to get up
Hard enough to make it to complicated to face the truth
And everyone has to face it sometime.
And even though its been this long
I still have to remind myself
That it's over and I have to start over new
It's just to hard to do
And like I said before
There's no sense in loving you
Yet I still do
And when I see another girl with you I get jealous
Then I find myself wishing that, that was me with you
But we both had our chance and I blew it
You're just another cut
Lucky number eight.
And no matter how many times I'll read this poem
Like it's new
I'll still love you
Strongly like you
And you know what?
So far
You're my favorite war.

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