Innocent heart

December 7, 2010
By Anonymous

It’s like a dream now.
One second you were mine
As soon as I got a chance to breathe,
It all ended.
You changed me more than you know
Like a seed blooming into a rose slowly pulling away

Yes, YOU changed me
Not only have you taken my innocence,
But my life just flipped when you left right after you took it
I saw everything start to change slowly
Yelling, fighting, screaming

I would do anything to go back to that cold, winter, December night
In the bedroom pressed up against me
The night when I thought I loved you and trusted you

Now wondering if I haven’t gave you my virginity
Would things have turned out differently?
No longer talking to each other

Your jacket still lays in my closet
Like your memories lay in my head
Its been six months now, but
You can still see I’m writing this poem about you

You were my first love; well, what I thought was love
Now I see you changed too in a way
I’m happy that we ended
Your true side finally came out, and so our memories now fade out

I no longer think or love you like I thought I did on that night
I gathered my thoughts, so here’s to the final
Good-bye to the guy with my innocent heart

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