November 15, 2007
Why does it hurt so bad?
Why does he make me feel like this?
Stopped up my heart,
its beating more slowly now
and it stops.
It can't go on.
What i want is not him,
but he is who makes me sad.
Just when i'm all ok,
and then it hits me again
and the heart slows,
Can't go on this way,
i need someone to hold me
and tell me everything's ok.
Just stroke my hair and sit awhile
no more than that.
Just care and hold on tight,
say that someday it will turn out right.
But for now forget those in the past,
and look instead to new love,
a flower blossom in the frost.
Proof that i'm worth more than how he made me feel,
and worth loving,
not just the girl at the party.
i don't want to be that girl at the party,
she gets attention but shes begging.
The devil that controls her mind,
the evil lurking waiting to attack.
As venom seeps through her brain,
and the once young daughter, sister, girl-
now a writhing, heaving creature.
Is this who she is?
Does she want this for herself?
Crying out for help,
her mouth doesn't make a sound.
Wishing to be saved but nothing can be done,
and they give up on her,
and toss her off
like a used towel
onto the floor
and thats the end... shes nothing anymore.

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Delliebug said...
Jun. 9, 2011 at 7:32 pm
omg....dis is amazing..seriosuly though...great use of words...i love dis so poem is also named forgotten..but dis writing it out..helps me..:)
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