we walked in circles

November 15, 2007
we walked in circles
only running into each other
as the time went by.
we made our next arrival
to the last dance
where the stars sang together.
no one could stop the beauty in the air.
not even the monsters that crawled at our feet.
we never really used the word love.
or more so, we thought the word was overused.
we called it passion. dreams.
or whatever word that came along.
they called it teenagers living life.
sometimes i screamed
and sometimes you screamed with me.
because we were never sure
why happiness could bring confusion.
and somewhere along the ride
we found each other
trapped in a little square box
waiting for what tomorrow will bring.

In the little square box
was our hearts.
one was halfway broken;
but healing.
and the other one was scared;
of what life brought.
we watched those hearts
get closer
and all we could do
was dance to the next song.
they laughed at us
because we had differences
and our appearance
meant nothing to them.
we hid from them
only because authorities thoughts
can kill a teenagers dreams.
only because authorities ideas
can take away everything.
and every day we played, and danced.
and played.
waiting for those hearts to grow.
and even if dreams could come
crashing down,
we were waiting for the next arrival
of the nightmares of our past
only hoping life could bring
something better
while making sure our hearts,
in that little square box,
would not break.

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