Can't Trust you

November 15, 2007
By Jennifer Johnson, Edmunds, ME

I told you my life
All of my secrets
Thought I could trust you
But when someone else knows
And I didn't tell them
I knew it was you
That's it
I've had enough
I'm never telling you anything again
Cause you told and
Now everyone knows
How could you
Why would you
What have I done to you
Is it so hard
To just be quiet
But I can't trust you
No more will I tell you things
I tell nobody else
And no more will
We talk for hours on the phone
Cause everything I ever said
Goes in and then comes out again
And I'm not telling you
Anymore secrets about me
Or who I like
Cause I can't trust you anymore
You promised you wouldn't tell
But I guess that's what I get
For opening my heart
And letting someone in
Now the doors are closed
And I don't trust anyone
I'm tired of always having to start new
I'm sick of everyone
Telling the world
Everything I say and do
But I guess no one can be trusted
So one will be told
If nothing I ever do is good enough for them
Then why do I do anything
Cause now I know
I can't trust you

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