Heart Break

November 15, 2007
By Jennifer Johnson, Edmunds, ME

I thought tonight would be the night
You finally got the courage
But I guess I was wrong.
Every other girl
You just didn't connect with
Always looking in my direction
Always looking never moving
But now it's too late
Tonight is over
Sure there's other guys
but not like you
They're selfish,cocky,rude
You were nice and kind
But I guess things just didn't workout
Maybe I should have made the move
But every time I looked
There was someone else
Well maybe I have someone too
Someone who's not afraid
Who will ask
So I'll be with him if you need me
But then I find out what I wish I hadn't
It was all a dare
A bet
A fake like you
I thought you were the one
But I guess not
So I'm back to where I started
Waiting for something
That may never come
Everyone knows
But I guess you don't want to
I guess it's too hard for you
To see when someone likes you for you
I guess the only way
To really find out is to ask
But I'm afraid
I've been hurt before
I don't want it to happen again
But that's all love is
An endless battle field
But that's something
That will never change or go away

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