The Pain Behind The Mask

January 8, 2011
The smile I wear everyday isn’t real.

It’s just a mask to hide how I really feel.

I never remove it for anyone or let my guard down, I promise myself I won’t break.

But sometimes when I think of you, the pain is too much for me to take.

You told me to remove my mask, to show you the real me.

When I did, I collapsed and sobbed down on my knees.

In between the tears I said,

"I love you can’t you see? Do you even care about me?"

You said nothing, you just stood and stared.

I should've known that you never really cared.

You turned around with nothing to say.

And I had to watch you as you walked away.

I was left with my tears.

Realizing that I was living my worst fear.

I couldn’t believe that the fear was true.

You didn’t love me as much as I love you.

When you were finally out of sight,

I stood up which seemed to take all of my might.

I put on my mask like every other day,

And I went on with my life which seemed like the only way.

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