November 15, 2007
By Paul Hetherington, Forrest, IL

As I sit and ponder what I did while I calmly wait
I suddenly realize what could be my dreadful fate

I had so many years to live, both so fun and free
I guess that those happy times were not meant for me

I took my life in my own hands, and threw it all away
I did what I had to, and there might come a day

I might look back at what I did, and say it wasn’t right
But today is not that day, so I’ll put up a fight

They tried to take my freedoms, my right to speak my mind
And if they can take that, other freedoms aren’t far behind

I sit and wait in my chair for the stacked jury to file in
I glimpse that on each of their faces rests a vile grin

My mother read the newspapers, missing the whole trial
I have not seen her cry so much, in such a long while

The headlines read “Another dies, meets his Rightful End”
And now to my own body, the morticians will attend

I did not know that freedom had so great a cost
I myself paid the ultimate price, my life is what I lost

But rest I not until the day that all men are set free
And once that day has arrived, please unbury me

You will find, to your shock that I do not rest there
I am the freedoms that you want, like flimsy wisps of air

I am here and no longer buried, of this I am sure
I died an honorable death, one worth fighting for

So if you have a doubt that freedoms are costing more today
Don’t you worry there are those who will step in the fray

There are those, just like I, who fight for there belief
They will come to your side, and give you great relief.

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