November 15, 2007
By Caleb Hall, Palisade, CO

Acumapatata stupid lion race,
Acumapatata what a wonderful place,
I put her through an obstacle,
All she wanted was a popsicle,
I tried to shoot her but she wouldn’t die,
I through her off a cliff but she could fly,
I wanted her to give me a valentine
But all she gave me was a dime
That very day she made me cry
But I went to her house and spit in her eye
She tried to kill me but I fought strong
She tried to choke me with her thong
I went home that night all beat up and scarred
Then I went outside and sat in the yard
I thought to myself what have I done
Until I got a phone call from some hot hun
She said Acumapatata stupid lion race
Acumapatata what a wonderful place
I knew right then that she was the one
So I asked her to go get a burger on a bun
3 months later she proposed to me
And I had to go take a big pee

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