The Brother (Together in the pages)

November 15, 2007
I wrote this one year after my brother’s death. I looked up to him greatly. As a child, Danny would always read to me. When I grew older we would read a series together. Following his death, I struggled with feelings of loss. After awhile I discovered that when I write I feel close to him again.

This poem is a narrative of our life together and of my discovery of the power of words.

There once was a brother and sister, who lived an amazing life,
Fighting battles and discovering new lands
In the pages of books.
The brother was old, tall and strong.
The sister was young, small and weak.
The difference between them was great,
So great in fact they hardly knew each other.
But they loved one another and this kept them together.
Together they shared many adventures and secrete worlds.

In this they were always bonded.

The Brother always leading;
Discovering new lands and fighting evil tyrants,
The sister always following,
Always running behind after the brother,
The Brother always showing the way.

And in this they were together

But alas, the Brother held a great power.
Not a fictitious toy like those in the pages,
But a real, extraordinary power.
He could spin wondrous tales;
Foreign lands, noble heroes, and dark, mysterious foes
Would pour from his mind
And become magic on his tongue.

In this they were separate. In this the sister could not follow.

She could not create worlds
Her tongue could not spin marvelous tales as he
And so The Sister craved this gift,
Hungered for this magic,
But it was always out of her reach.

In this they where separated, not together.

So into the pages the Brother always led
And into the pages the Sister always happily followed

But one day the Brother left on a journey of his own,
And far away he went.
The Sister was left there alone.
However the Brother did not forsake his sister.
He left behind the written word.
And into those pages she fell.

And the years went by;
The Brother and Sister grew apart and no longer knew each other.
They went on their separate journeys and dove into separate pages.
And further and further they grew
Sometimes though, the Sister would find a remaining land
Left by the Brother and again

They would be together.

The years past, and one day,
The Brother died.
The Sister was now old, tall and strong.
But still she was too young, still too small, and still too weak
To continue the journey alone.
And now she was alone
And still without the gift her brother possessed.
He had died without sharing his gift with the world,
And the Sister felt regret, pain and somehow, cheated.

The Sister grew more confused and desperate.
She repeatedly fell into the pages,
Emerging into the worlds,
Drowning the world with the stories.

And she fell away.

Then one day the Sister awoke
And found her Brother again.
Not in flesh and bone
But in the words.
She found she could keep him with her
With the stories.
And where she could never possess the magical power of her brother,
She could make magic too.
Surely not as strong
And not as freely and easily
But she could conjure it.

And so she journeyed with her brother again

exploring her created worlds together.

And in this they were together

In this they were together in spirit
Until the day they could be together in body again

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