The Phantom

November 15, 2007
By Ian Amorosi, Norfolk, VA

The slender fingers stretch
Dancers preparing for a performance
“You’re just too good for me.”
I smirk
She giggles
Her hands brush my head
Slowly the fingers spread
Weaving through my hair
Twisting turning
Rolling playing

“You are obsessed with my hair”
“It’s fun to play with”
Relaxing feeling
A pale grace drifts down
I kiss the tips of her smooth fingers
A smile spreads over her beautiful face

She leans in close
A velvet kiss
It lasts forever
Lips locked in an embrace
Her hands coursing through my hair
Pulling my head closer
Our kiss tightens
Our eyes meet
Our gazes lock
A delicate silk hand brushes my cheek
Then she is gone

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