January 6, 2011
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The fear,
To know the truth behind oneself
To know what lies beneath the heart
The fear,
That creates much anticipation
That tears your mind apart
The fear,
Of life, of death, of losing all you have got
Of things, unknown, and things that you always had but feel you’ll not
The fear,
We need to overcome to be strong,
To be faithful and be loyal
The fear,
We need to rule to be a better person,
Being fearless is what will make us feel royal

Love all that you have and dream for all you have not
Face what comes by let your mind not rot.
Know your present, decide your future, and forget the past
Cause what you have, forever, will not last.
Fear… not what is to come, but fear itself,
Cause fighting your fears is what makes you, yourself! ???

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