Christmas is just around the corner

January 6, 2011
By Jess Gordon BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Jess Gordon BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Making the cookie the night before
Christmas eve night feels like an eternity
You can’t wait for the big guy in the red and white suit to pay you a visit.

Driving home from your christmas eve traditions...

Running into your bed to fall asleep so that...
You can have the joy in the morning of opening all your gifts.

You fall right to sleep once in bed

Something awakes you in the middle of the night
You hear HO HO HO!
You want to run upstairs and see him but you know that if you do...

He wont leave your presents.

You stay in bed and fall back to sleep in an instant

Waking up for the second time during the night and realize...
It isn’t the middle of the night anymore!
You jump out of bed..

Go in your parents room and wake them up...

Then, run into the christmas tree room.

Your eyes are blown away at all the presents under the tree
You really want to go in and start wrapping the wrapping paper off to see what is hidden in it but...

Your parents are taking a long time to get in the room so they keep telling you to wait.

They finally come in and tell you to start opening!

You open and open and open all your presents till there are no more.

A few from mom and dad and a few from Santa...

You jump in their arms and thank them for everything!!

Now it is time to do the usual Christmas day family traditions

The author's comments:
This is a school poem that I had to write

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