Draining me dry

November 15, 2007
Why is she here, coming closer to me?
The evil succubus showing up for my life,
Either my time or my money
Hiding, I watch as she goes by
Can’t she take a hint?
I avoid her, no calls or emails
But still she shows up

She’s like a vampire that won’t die!
Bleeding me dry of my money
How I would love the break
The leg off of the table and drive it
Through her icy heart, but with my luck,
She’d be back

She’s already turned everyone in the family
I’m the only one left, RUN!
She wants it, I know she does
I wait for her, stake in my hand
I hear the creek of my door as it opens,
The hiss of her voice, BAM,
The lights go out, looks like its over.

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