Children of the Earth

November 14, 2007
By Michelle Lin, Torrance, CA

children of the earth (They were)
sewn with wish-shard seams
she, ocean spray whisper
and he, sunset (d)ream
she walked sh(o)res in heartbeat waves
he, hoping, w(o)uld bid her stay

he to her pro(m)ised, touching
her rain-kiss(e)d face but
to her, wor(d)s were fleeting
(from) he, (the) sunset
”I’ll save you”said earthchild he
but dusk-fear claimed earthchild she

“Before eyelid-curtains (start)
to fall” sunset swore
but ocean spray departs
dancing on the shore
his soft cries evanescent
to narrator’s adjacent-

“the end”

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