November 14, 2007
By Seth Sizemore, Lexington, KY

Where has this bluebird been
Singing these songs when the night discovers the sun
When the moon is aware that he may retire to the stars
Stares at me with those wild eyes
Love, he knows, may hypnotize
Is there a secret amongst us
Bluebird tell me there's a sight I've not seen
A tune I've not heard
A love I've not found
Bluebird tell me there's something before death comes around
Spread your wings and fly to the sun
To places I've only the capacity to dream of
Where it rains only upon the moon
And beauty is apparent throughout the day
Bluebird assure me that I'll grow wings as strong as yours
And one day will be able to fly free
One day will be able to sing these songs
One day will be able to discover the answer of this secret

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