in empty angry spaces

November 14, 2007
in empty angry spaces
there is a want to be filled
a jealousy, irrational or not
for those who get what you know
you so closedly wish for
and somewhere between gray lines
and steel structures
there are the words that lash out
unreasonable and incomplete
and while it's known,
there is a defiance
an inability to admit stupidity
an inability to swallow pride
shove it down the fresh openings
of your thighs
what's raw is worn too thin
and i am raw
my skin falls open
and in a way there's an anger
a hurt that draws across
time and space
from things that can't ever be let go
don't leave me
don't force me into this place
but i am independent
and this is groveling
and though it takes a mouthful of swallowing
i am sorry in my faithlessness

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