Meeting You Again

November 14, 2007
By Mary Anderson, Rockwall, TX

I couldn’t stop in time
I screamed
She pushed past the others
She fell
No I don’t think this is normal
No I don’t think you should cry

How could I explain this?
How could I even try?
To tell her that I’m sorry?
To tell her I’ll be there?

Today was a problem
And I can’t help her
Today is dragging on
And I am helpless

Force me to say what I need to
Put the words right in my mouth

These times are hard
I can’t say they’ll get better
I’m crying with you
I share your pain

How can I tell her?
I worry about her

How can I tell her?
I’ll be there when things are bad…

Without making them seem worse?

I can’t.

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