A Girl Named Piggie

November 14, 2007
By laci woods, Carrollton, GA

I know a girl who had a name
Which all the kids called her by
But not the name that she was gave
But by a name that was hurtful
A name that was full of spite
This name was out of a book
Of a kid who was pleseantly plump
That name was Piggie.
That girl I know, she took it for a
But after some time it hit her
Hit her like a fish out of water
She weighed herself everyday
All the while saying
You know what they are right I am a
And what she did would ruin her life
She starved herself till her body
Till her body took no more
Then what happened is never wanted
She passed away and stood at the
Gates of Heaven
And was invited in to an area
Where all the children who starved
Themselves and did not live to see


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