November 14, 2007
I ask myself
Why do I cry
The tears that I shed?
Why do I
Give myself my own bloodshed?
Is it because I'm crazy in the head?
Or I just like being gothic?
And my favorite colors
Are pitch black and blood red
Or maybe I just want the attention
I never got as a child
And I'll kill myself dead
The moments I dread
Are the moments I experienced
Or once had said
I ask myself
Why do I bother?
Is it because I never had a father?
Or because I never experienced
A normal life as a toddler
Why do I mutilate
In the night?
Is it because the ones I love
Are filled with hate?
And I just do it out of spite
Or is it because this world degrates?
Maybe I just enjoy watching the blood
Flow on line of site
Why do I
Throw up the food
Right after I ate?
Is it because of my weight?
Or is it I can't take
Anymore of being a fake?
Why do I
Put on a facade and a fake show?
I ask why?
Do you know?

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