November 14, 2007
when you look at the world, tell me, what do you see?
do you see the grass & the flowers,
the government and it's powers?
a child, holding its mothers hand,
a homeless soul, searching for personal land?
teenagers smoking & setting fires,
sinners, criminals, and liars?
do we simply ignore the tears in our eyes,
does the mother ignore her daughters cries?
or does the father not see whats going wrong,
does he see whats been happening, all along?
do her friends not see why she always has to smile?
she's just the concrete sometimes, holding together the tile.
back and forth, which way does she go...
and when the wind blows, does she realize, does she know?
when she looks at the world, does she know what she sees?
does she see the sun and the bees... or everything around her,
the world is just a tease.
a tease, a challenge, how far can you actually make it?
before the critisizing goes down, and you can't take it.
buildings have fell, and heros have came to rise,
she has made mistakes, does this make her wise?
wise enough, to see what others see?
how can she? especially when she's thinking, "I. am. me."
she's not going down the wrong road, she knows it inside.
for the road she's following, isn't that wide.
it's narrow, there's just enough room for her to walk.
just enough oxygen contained for her mouth to talk.
the compacity can only contain her own imagination.
this road will lead her to think, all on her own.
it's her responsibility, there's no asking for a loan.
but when she comes to the end of the road, what will she see?
how will she see the world, what will it be?
will it be happiness, with laughter and smiles all around...
is it going to be anger and sadness, will everything turn upside down?
she'll never know, for the road never ends,
this road continues straight, there's no forks or bends.
the trees whisper, "what do you see when you look at the world?"
there's silence, no answer is heard.
but then, it turns around.
and the road whispers back...
"i see everything above me, it is everyone elses perspective in which
you all lack."

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