November 14, 2007
I feel alone because no one understands
My friends know my face,
But do they know my voice?
Nobody hears me

A family loves
But the expectations dropped on my shoulders
Outweigh me
I feel my knees buckle,
My hands fly out to brace my fall
But I am still broken
Because I can’t really catch myself

A good laugh
Chips away at the pain,
But sometimes nothing is funny
And the laughter trapped in my stomach
Hurts even more

Now and then I feel free
Reckless, flying
But it doesn’t last
I am grounded by my birth
By their expectations, my should-be dreams

I search for a destination
To please
To please you would make me happy
Would it?

I have faith in God
Because God can hear my voice
Even though he can’t physically listen
I hold him close so that he can feel

I work for you
But soon I work because I start to believe
In myself
My effort may not be worth much
But the results you desire cannot be acquired without it

Just as you once taught me
Playing blocks on the floor
A tower cannot stand without a base
Tell me, how do you expect my tower to stand?

Punishment has no point
It just stops me from achieving more
I will continue to put in all of my effort
If not for anyone but my self

My voice feels raspy, however my face is alive
But faces are superficial
A front, just what you see
Nobody hears me

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