December 31, 2010
By Snickers2528 SILVER, Erie, Pennsylvania
Snickers2528 SILVER, Erie, Pennsylvania
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My mother had said,
Darling, your father is dead.
At first I put my hand to my ear,
As if to say I can’t hear.
But, with too much wine and too much beer,
Death began to come near.
His fingers were nothing more than rubber bands.
Icy, cold, and prickly they grasped my father hand in hand.
They waltzed away along with death’s own marching band.
Into the forsaken land.

I tried to save my dad,
But I knew justice would not be mine.
I remember thinking everything would be just fine,
But I was wrong, wrong as can be,
As wrong as a dead apple in a lively tree.

Once death had took him, I screamed, cussed, and cursed.
Until my lungs had burst,
And finally I faced Death, with his steady eyes, and vile smell.
We stared at one another until I began to yell.
“I HATE YOU!” I heard myself shout.
Death replied “Your voice is full of doubt.
Wrath hastily boiled inside me as I continued to rout.
“I HATE YOU…YOU MONSTER!” I said with rage.
“Silence that mouth of yours,” Death threw me in a cage.

And there I lay, certain to age with time.
Similar to what you are taking to read this rhyme.

But one day came a majestical lady.
Her presence so strong,
That I forgot things had gone wrong.
Thankfully she was clever as clever could be.
With hands so gentle and voice so dainty.
Unquestionably it was hers, wisdom’s of course.
She helped me escape with a bit of force.
And there I galloped on the ride of my life atop her dream horse.
I flipped and I smiled, I was able to survive.
And to paradise I flied.
Where I was to thrive.
I had made it to heaven, to heaven my dear.
The gates opened to me without any fear.
It greeted me with applause, a welcoming cheer.
I heard one angel shout, “Here! Here!”.
I felt such joy that from my eye came a tear.

“Welcome new peer!”
I heard someone bellow,
“Hey there new fellow,” someone said from behind.
And there I saw my father.
Am I out of my mind!?

”Dad!” I shouted, it was true he was here.
“It’s me buddy, I’ve stopped drinking beer”.
I hugged him with relief, relief he had appeared.
He was finally so close to me…so near.
It’s about time we acted like father and son.
Instead of being the helpless boy with his dad, the bum.
“Why did you have to drink?” I asked.
The question seemed dumb.
“I just couldn’t help it…I just couldn’t son”.

We stood there in silence.
A long, tired absence of talk.
Until my father suggested.
“Let’s take a walk.
Each of us took the other’s hand.
And we strolled through the golden land.
Watching the angels.
We stared at them playing.
And at random I thought.
Is my dead body decaying?

What a horrible idea planted in my brain.
As I thought about it more, it increased the pain.
Suddenly my father’s face started to crumble.
And the whole land of Heaven began to rumble.
That’s when I realized it was merely a dream.
And Death, so evil, so supreme.
Stood before me, beholding a dark gleam.
And there was no other choice, I had to waive.
For I, alas, am only a slave.

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