A Short Pondering on Cannibalism.

December 31, 2010
Tell a tale of an sickening secret that we kept from God.
Because we know in our hearts it could not be forgiven.
Heinous acts against fellow man, Plodding on life given.
You were a man and now you bleed the blood of a monster.
We share in the same fate, Survival is exclusive of morals.

Shaking hands, You bury only bones in the sands.
You're going mad, And with a grin you show you're glad.
It was them or you, And you couldn't die, that just wouldn't do.
Forget everything that was taught as you think you know instincts.
It's survival, I'm sure you'd do the same if you could have a redo.

You could believe in God your entire life but in this moment he does not exist.
His grace is forgotten to the starved mind, Lack of blood, You were blind.
In these snow covered valleys a man thought dead will surely not be missed.
Although you may never be caught we all know you committed a crime against mankind.

Watch for the watch works, You will be caught up in the gears.
The machine will drag you in and cut you down.
It'll drag you in the water until the day you drown.
You are a infected species beyond repair, So drown in the tears.

The watchmakers creation's are used in sick experiments for control.
Years of devouring human flesh has made the mind grow weak and feeble.
Insanity is passed from father to son, Another generation of leaders.
Lay down on the table to be euthanized, Roll up your sleeve, Take the needle.

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