November 14, 2007
I know I have something to do
But there are so many things stopping me
The TV, the party, the computer, the phone
And the fact that I have family at home
Was it homework, studying, or doing a chore?
Washing dishes, laundry or moping the floor?
I check the clock
It then hits two.
On a Sunday night
I don’t even know what to do
Call a friend, actually study or cook
Write in my journal or read a book?
Only 5 minutes have passed
And I’m bored out of my mind
It’s now drastic; there is an activity I need to find
Its now 4 o clock
Stuck in my room
I swear I’m in a great place of doom
I start to organizes and put things back in their places
So I start to realize, in my room there a lot of free spaces
An hour later and I’m finally done
The fact that I have nothing to do, still isn’t any fun
Ill just attempt to read a book
With the same sentences 4 or 5 times
And read a poems that have catchy rhymes
Wow each poem gets greater and greater
With poems on love, friendships which twist around to traitors
I become occupied and read more and more
Never again, will I become bored with this book
And this I swore

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