The Best Years Of Our Lives

November 14, 2007
I enter a world on my own
Knowing nothing and no one, completely alone
I sit in a chair next to faces I’ve never seen before
Wishing I could just run out the door
These are supposed to be the best years of our lives
And I can’t understand why
It’s filled with nothing but hatred, drama, breakups, and lies
Boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers, and goodbyes
Best friends and enemies, homework, tear filled eyes
Upper classmen, childish pranks, mean girls, and tough guys
Trying to fit in, not accomplishing what you want
Trying so hard and never having enough to flaunt
Popularity becomes a disease
And soon your best friends are your worst enemies
Graduation and sad goodbyes
So please tell me why these are the best years of our lives

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