Never will She be Forgotten

January 5, 2011
By kshhh BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia
kshhh BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia
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She had everything she wanted,
Yet nothing could compare
Her beauty in our memories are haunted
The only thing pure was the lightness of her hair,
Or perhaps the white dress that flew up by air
Never wanted to be forgotten,
She swallowed her pride and was found bare
Those red lips and cat eyes were thought rotten,
Demons snapped photos as if their hearts cared
Yet as time goes fleeting on by,
Her style and words will always be shared
She never would live her life as a lie,
Scandalous should have been her name
Her affairs should not be judged even though she died
An icon for many, known for her fame

The author's comments:
This poetry entertains young readers because it allows them to decide who it is really about, and lets them visualize what my writing is about. My poem is about someone who is famous, and lives a scandalous life. The famous woman does whatever it takes to be remembered, and loses her life to the pressures of her fame. Readers will be able to relate to it because, it is about wanting to be accepted and doing whatever it takes to become popular.
I am young writer that knows how to relate to many people my age. I can relate to my poem because, I was once that girl who wanted to be popular, and then had to face the consequences of my actions. I am taking Advanced Composition, my senior year of High School and am working hard on my writing. I hope other people will look up to me, and my stories while reading my poetry.

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