November 14, 2007
When i drew myself from sleep
and looked out of my hard metal window,
seeing the soft air of night
and feeling the cold mist upon my face
it became;
The window of my life, an opening
to the fantastical serenity.

The foggy mist crept up below
my windowsill, forming a moving white bridge
to eternity, sucking me into the
Dream of childhood, magic worlds and cotton candy.

So there i was balancing delicately upon a stool
stretching my leg forth to graze the foam below.
I stood in quiet contemplation until
with one graceful leap I sailed out my window
and through the crisp night air expecting
to fall upon the grass below and be graced
by the moist dew. - but -
it was not so.
The wispy cotton slid around my legs
and held me, amazed.
I felt it, soft as silk run through my
questioning toes, crawl up my my wondering feet and
twirl around my unsteady ankles.

With the moon in its pearly glow gazing
down at me I looked out to the
Her turquoise green body flowing enchantingly
reflecting her pearl sister's shine, and
breaking upon the lonely beach.
- Tonight, she was alive! -
And finally, so was I.

Trusting the mist between my toes
I walked the envisaged clouds treading softly
so to not be heard by the demonic creatures
that slept soundly in their beds.
But to be felt in the minds of the
majestic beasts that swept the skies
with their purity every night,
ran the land strongly or, swum
the silent yet powerful sea.

Through my cloudy surroundings I saw,
the silver twinkling children of the night
laugh and sparkle while gently
sprinkling upon the jagged crust of land,
Shimmering dust. That rocked and swayed
till softly setting on the tips of my lashes and
bringing me to move the very same way.

Sleep came upon me, soothing and coy.
Creeping into my mind and opening
The doors for her cousin, Dream
to fill my soul tonight.
Laying back into the mist I closed
my weary eyes to Fantasy, opened
them to Dream,

And that night the white wisps of soul bore
the Cloudwalker away. Forever.

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