9 Ways from Water

November 14, 2007
By Angela Jones, Norfolk, VA

Water flowing down a dirt path
Making perfect opportunities
For mud fights with my favorite person

A shower of water drops
Raining down, gently prodding two people together
Under twinkling stars and raindrops

In the ocean, the water
Providing shelter for the jellyfish
I would soon be facing
Holding the hands of little kids,
Who would only walk behind me
So I would be first defense against jelly stings

Mixing with chlorine scents
The water in the pool
Gives opportunities for funny stunts
And flirtatious sneak attacks

The tide pushes the water
Creeping in on unsuspecting beach campers
“The tides are coming!”
“The tides are coming!”
Blanket dwellers scurry to relocate the fire
And settle together again on new patches of sand

Washing up on a million flecks of solid sunshine
The chilly ocean water
Watches me fall again...and again…and again
Then its stinging salty wetness discovers all the hidden marks
Made by bare skin, rough sand, and skim boarding

Rivulets of water making their way down stained cheeks
She’s only been away for a day, but it feels like an eternity
Her eyes seem able to supply bounties of salty tears
The girl is left wondering when she will see the one she sheds them for

Slapping up against barnacle encrusted dock posts
The water keeps a couple with new love company

The water meets an apple seed
It helps the seed take root
And grow and grow until branches spread
And shining fruits appear from colorful blossoms
The water will keep this beautiful tree growing and strong

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