Ode to Arrogance: Please Don't Feed My Soul

November 13, 2007
Dear Arrogance,
What holds you to your essence?
Your subtle traps of haughty manner
What you say? You don’t need to answer?

We have you to blame
It is partly your fault humanity is this way
What I have said somehow seems tainted with your touch
How and what can we do to break away from your clutch?

You look down upon us from your high and repulsive chair
Always looking for trouble elsewhere
Hooded in black, you leave a trail
I want to deny how easy it is you prevail.

Why must you make us lose all civility?
Your stab is not made bluntly
Your power your force
Dominantly, the roots of all evil soon will leave us with remorse.

Arrogance, do not look down on me
Your corrupt touch, how far is your boundary?
The ignorant pride of teens, politicians, humans
Confusion, detachment only deepens.

Do you ever believe in reasoning?
The men and women of today are crippling.
The smirk, the pride, the bragger
Arrogance, how do you deal with so much power?

Arrogance lies awake, an outbreak of lost ethics
A heart full of broken cheap plastics
Full of mindless daring
It is empty on courtesy and aiding
Arrogance, why the need of more violence?

Why, we need useful balance.
Your self-worship shatters our already missing link
Why, I am left with more matters to rethink
Arrogance cannot be denied its presence, made up of disrespectful heartbreak
Swooping on those unprepared and with bad intake

I have one last thing to ask and tell to you of your control:
Please, arrogance, don’t feed your insolence to my soul.

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