Broken Dreams

November 13, 2007
Twelve was a hard age to leave
To start over with new memories
I cried giant, wet, raindrop tears
For the friends I had all those years
Leaving it all behind was hard
But promises of something new was comforting
Like the embrace of a loved one

A new life led to new dreams
New faces and new scenes
Lost and alone, seaching for hope
Longing for the warmth of a kind voice
Soon this new life was great
Places to go and things to do
But all too soon the light faded

The morning of my fifteenth birthday
Excitement cluttered my mind
But soon disappeared as I went down the stairs
It turned cold as I found her crying
"He's gone." she said, "He's tired of trying."
The excitement was soon replaced by anger and fear
Then nothing at all, not even a tear

I grew up that day, no longer a child
"How could he?" I thought as I lay in bed
One million feelings running through my head
He was supposed to protect me, not leave me behind
But here I was with no where to turn
Picking up the shattered pieces of her heart
Trying to put them back like paper mache
No longer a child, I grew up that day

Leaving our new house was never her plan
Her lifelong dreams had been fulfilled there
We packed up her dreams in boxes
Boxes sealed with tears
Another chapter with all new fears
A tear stained, empty, hardwood floor
Was all that was left when we shut the door

The many struggles we have come through
Were all made possible thanks to You
You were my father when Dad wasn't here
Picking me up, drying every tear
Now what's left is a stronger girl
Confident in her own beliefs
No more tears, just relief

New trials and struggles in the twisted road ahead
What's meant to be, it will be
There is a reason for everything
I find my strength and comfort in Your arms
You are the shield that protects me
Your love abounds in me!

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