Revolution Pollution

November 13, 2007
By Kristin Nance, Topeka, KS

Put down the remote
Pick up your pens
Start using that thing they say is in your head
With the TV off you are on your own
To write your own revolution
Free from the pollution
It won’t be on the six o clock news
Write and rewrite
You will never be through
But one to another
Jot it down
Pass it round
Inspire another to put down and pick up
Repeat the cycle
Welcome the epidemic
Embrace the change they say can’t happen
It won’t be on the six o clock news
But here is to the new
R. reflect
E. embrace
V. vengeance
O. out of
L. love
U. unity
T. timeless
I. it is your blank, so fill it in
O. oh, have I told you? It won’t be on the six o clock
N. news

It: ____________________

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