The value

November 13, 2007
By Kristin Nance, Topeka, KS

Across the room
The commotion floods through
I finally begin to fill the bleak blank pages
Swinging off branches
Straight from my mind
Bleeding onto the pages
Formulating concepts too difficult for you
You try to make me stop
To put down my pen
Well I have one response
You’re as ignorant as hell
You only say stop because you can’t write
Because you can’t say what’s on everyone’s mind
You kill creativity
It’s what you lack
Too bad you can’t formulate something that makes more sense
You don’t value writing
But how did you get what you’re reading
Someone had to sit
And act as I do
Someone had to type it up for you to use
So you can’t say stop writing
Or the world would go dead
Because what you don’t value has filled your head
Without writing there’s no reading
So stop your ignorance here
I keep writing so you can keep reading
So go back to your desk
And take up your paper back
And remind yourself you’re as ignorant as hell
Learn to write and value something worth reading

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