November 13, 2007
By Kristin Nance, Topeka, KS

The devil is a stirring
Hell yes I am hiding
The town is dim
As dark approaches
Preparation takes place
Cauldrons are brewing
The dead are turning in their graves
Moths receding from their veins
Bats are screeching and pumpkins are faced
Grim and hallow
Glow with only enough light with which to play
Casting spells and chanting charms
The phantoms emerge pleased to be reborn
Their translucent bodies visible in the night
Their holing laughter instilling fright
Find me cross and strong garlic of choosing
And Pray for the light
May dawn come quicker
Than the wrath of the devil.
I can feel it looming.
Little minions emerge from oak doors
Commencing all around
Their game plan a stewing
Patter patter they hit the streets
Trained by lions they are quick to eat
Rapping on portals
Are welcomed to the underworld
Taking and leaving wrappers all around town.
Sugar high children finally settle down.
One more 31st I can say I survived

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