November 13, 2007
By Kristin Nance, Topeka, KS

On 9/11 Americans died
And to the famous question
“Where was I?”
There’s an answer
One I don’t usually share
I tend to lie
And say I was sick.
But really I was sitting on a cold hard bench.
To my right a woman in a big black robe,
To my left ten people in two neat rows.
Slightly tired, one half asleep
Their decision determining my fate
In front of me two men in dark suits
Hounding me with questions about telling the truth
Telling the jury
“She’s only ten. She’ll lie.”
“It’s an act. She’s just a child.”
The other man in the suit
Tired to call clout about himself, so untrue
Hey may have been a cop
But he’s not telling the truth!
He tried to rape me
Now that’s the truth
I walked out of the court room on September the 11th
Into a room of teary eyed people
I knew the truth
I knew what happened and how many died
And that answers the question of “Where was I?”

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