January 4, 2011
By RyanTaylor SILVER, Columbia, South Carolina
RyanTaylor SILVER, Columbia, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
Why care when you dont?

I AM a teenager

My mother would describe me as parazosa or lazy
My friends all call me whatever they do

I keep things to myself
I remember tragic and happy times
I’ve learned that sometimes it’s okay to cry
I hide my emotions from people who care
I read on the news what bullying does to people

I shout my feelings when they become too much to bare
I AM a 14 year old girl

I see the same things people everyday
I hear the same people everyday
I taste bland
I feel emotionless
I think about nothing and everything at the same time

I whisper when I don’t want to be heard
I AM distant

I want to be left alone once in awhile
I will try the best I can
I won’t ever do what I did last year
I can be who I wanna be
I pretend nothing’s wrong when it’s clear that there is

I sing different songs then what I used to
I AM Tay

I dream about personal things
I’m afraid of people that I shouldn’t be
I reach out for help when it’s desperate
I say I’m sorry when I hurt the ones who matter the most
I love those who love me for me

I declare the world to hear that I am not easily broken
I AM absolutely me

The author's comments:
this is for my AVID class

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