When We Met

January 5, 2011
By Zeke-The-Faith BRONZE, None, New York
Zeke-The-Faith BRONZE, None, New York
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When we Met.
When we first met,
I was only searching for a friend,
But little did I know,
I'd get more than that in the end.

Looking back upon that day,
I wouldn't really change a thing,
Nor would I change,
Every day you were sure to bring.

I soon started to realize,
That With everyday I spent with you,
I seemed to Fancy you even more,
And my love only grew and grew.

I came to the conclusion I've fallen hard,
Fallen indeed, for I've fallen for you.
But I was somewhat terrified,
Terrified you didn't love me too.

It killed me that I loved you so much,
But I was to scared to tell you so,
I guess it was because I feared;
Your only reply would be; "No."

But then you said that simple;
"I love you."
And you sent my mind racing,
And my heart, oh it flew.

That day was the best day of my life,
When you said; "I love you."
And I will never forget that day,
When I replied; "I love you too."

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