He Is Always Watching

November 13, 2007
One Time A Girl Said
I Had The Sexiest Set Of Lips
And Everytime I Spoke
It Was Like An Acid Trip
And My Eyebrows Complimented
My Face's Arches
I Would Write This Girl Poems
And Send Her Cards And Hearts And Love
Wow, I Couldn't Believe It!
I Hade A Sensitive Side
Right Up Until The Day She Died
Driving Home From Work Struck
By Another Driver I Couldn't Believe It
Finally Something Is Right, Then Gone
As If I Dreamed It.
From That Day On I Denounced The Lord
As I Stood Next,
To The Tin-Can Crushed Ford
It Was Green And Metal
With Traces Of Red From Where She Bled
Looking At The Wreck Made Me Recollect
Everything She Said.
She Said "Matt Your Thoughts Are Beautiful, They Poke, Float, And Dance Inside Of My Dreams."
It Was At This Point
I Was Woken By The Sound Of Screams
Now I Am A Young Infant
Staring Into My Grandmother's Face
Caffenine And Nicotine
Is All I Can Smell And Taste. She Said
"Matty God Loves You, And Everything You Ever Do. But If Your Bad To Him, He'll Be Bad To You. That's True He'll Hold Your Hand When You Get To The Crossing And Remember He Is Always Watching."
Well At That Time I Got So Sick
All I Could Do Was Throw Up
The Church Reminds Me Of AA
All You Gotta Do Is Show Up
Forgiven, Your Fate Is Sealed!
Am I Still A Saint If I Fire Curses
And With This Mind I Wield.
Well That's All I Got
Along With This Gold Plated Shield
And All That I Can Steal
From Everything That Isn't Real
What's The Deal?
How Can You Determine Real By Feel,
And Touch? Maybe I Think To Much
Yah Or Maybe I'm Just Drowning
In My Own Lake,
Well I Call That My Mind,
So Get Out For God's Sake!
I Hold God's Plate
To Collect The Sacred Money
It's Funny,
Because The Plate Is Broken Trust
And Lust Is Sweeter Than Honey.
Yummy In My Tummy!
I'm A Glutone That's How I Live My Life
I Need Everything To An Excess
Never Think About Wrong And Right.
So As You Walk Into The Light
You Resemble A Deer.
You Believe In God.
But You Only Believe,
In What You See And Hear.
So That Light Coming At You,
It Isn't The Lord.
It's A Girl Driving Home
In A Small, Green Ford
She Swerves To Miss You
But Gets Hit Herself.
So There We Are And Here I Am.
This Is Something I've Never Felt.
Do You Believe In Fate?
Or Just Coinsidince?
Either Way That'll Determine,
Our Petty Existence.
If You Want He Will Hold Your Hand
When You Hit The Crossing And Remember
He Is Always Watching...
If You Believe

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