What the world may never know

November 13, 2007
What the world may never know
is how i feel inside
When what's wrong is the question
nothing is always replied.
But that's not true,
I just can't tell you why i lied
The questions that are pounding in my head
The nights i stay awake, just lying there in bed
The words i want to tell you
But they are always left unsaid
The whispers that i say
But too soft for you to hear
The moments i had to look away
To whipe away a tear
The changes that are happening
Through out each and every year
The weeks that go by and i still feel alone
The sorrow that i hold on to
That has never been shown.
The fun we would have had
Only if you'd known..
That the world may never know
How i really feel inside
Because when what's wrong is the question,
Nothing is my lie

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