November 13, 2007
Who am I?
Looking at myself
The girl with the bloody face
Do I, decide if I'm a disgrace?
Or should I, hide the bruises in every place?
Life hanging in the balance
Body screaming in agony
Terrorizing and torturing
It's blasphemy
I can't believe this is happening to me
He tries to caress my body
And I just cry
I ask myself, "why?"
Please God just let me die!
Who am I?
To say I cannot be judged
My body is drenched in blood
Mark after mark
Bruise after bruise
What's the use?
Lying all the time
Exuse after exuse
Touching me in places that I don't like
I vow to you, one day you'll lose the fight
Blackened, purple, and blue
Lord forgive me
I don't know what to do
I'm at my darkest hour
I know
I get the gun
Lock and load
Please forgive me, Jesus
As I pull the trigger
And blow my brain to pieces

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