No Glue

December 30, 2010
By usernameUNKNOWN BRONZE, New Castle, Indiana
usernameUNKNOWN BRONZE, New Castle, Indiana
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my floor
doesn’t reach the wall
what holds it there
at all?

my wall
hasn’t met the ceiling
hasn’t had the pleasure
doesn’t know the feeling

I fear
very much one day
it’ll blow away
it’ll fall away

then where
will that leave me?
where will I be ?
will I be me?

my bed
is matress free
where do I sleep?
who said I sleep?

my desk
is quite messy
my head
is just as clean

I’d cry
but I can’t quite cry
my eyes are dry
dry eyes can’t cry

I’m free
but I can’t quite go
but I want to go
at least I think so
where? I don’t know

they say
“you know, you’re better off
if you can walk it off”
so off I walk

The author's comments:
I was feel kind of down when i wrote this (that's where all the good stuff comes from isn't it?) The most I could possibly wish for for this piece is that maybe at least one person will see themselves in at least one verse or line or phrase and be comforted by the fact that someone else in the world understands.

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