November 13, 2007
A red flame,
Growing deep inside of you,
Threatening to burn you from the inside out.
Like magma it bubbles up,
Tearing at your very essence,
Your very soul.
An unquenchable fire,
An enraged dragon,
Searing flames, incinerating all other thoughts,
All other feelings, except for anger.
A point where reason no longer exists,
A ghost of a memory.
Anger, white hot, smoldering all else
That matters.
A world of fire, nothing but fire, fire above,
Below, all around, fire inside of you.
A raging inferno that calming words
Can no longer extinguish.
Like crisp leaves, words blacken and
Turn to dust in the embers.
An all consuming blaze, where your blood
Flows like lava,
Where sight is veiled in red,
Where friends and foes are one and the same.
And as quickly as it grew,
Like a scorching wall of heat,
It recedes,
Into nothing but a tendril of smoke,
A small spark,
Just waiting for another opportunity,
Another chance for fury,
To take over…

-Jacob William LaShomb

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