Out of this World

November 13, 2007
By Erin Mae Girard, Massena, NY

You sit in the sunlight and watch the wispy white clouds stroll by.
The earth keeps on
spinning, spinning, spinning
around you; out of control.
I don’t know how much fight I have left,
how can I survive in this cut-throat world?
You throw in your gloves.
Give in to the temptation.
You swing.
Desperately, violently, pleading,
One fervent push after another.
You’re on your way up, up, up.
Legs extended, body pushed forward,
trying to swing into another universe.
Suddenly, worthlessly, humiliated,
You fall.
Keep falling, falling, falling.
You’re body crumples under the pressure.
Angry wind whizzing past your ears,
screaming so loud you can’t hear yourself think.
You failed.
Again and again,
kick, pull, kick pull.
As soon as you think you’ve escaped;
your pushed right back down again.
It’s inevitable.
So you sit in the sunlight and swing life away.

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