My Fairytale

November 12, 2007
The first time we met
Is a time I'll never forget.
Lying in bed, discussing regrets.
Looking each other in the eye
Finding it hard to say goodbye.
Days past and I still think about you.
Hoping I left a nice impression too.
The day comes when we're finally together.
Laughing and talking as if we've been friends forever.
Sitting around with some close friends
Is where the story really begins.
All of a sudden your lips touch mine.
Making me feel a sudden stop in time.
The world is lost as we are caught in the moment.
Hoping it doesn't end in condolement.
Time goes too fast and it comes to an end.
Making me wish I could relive it again.
I find myself thinking of what we could be.
But then it upsets me because of what you can't see.
I'm tired of being 'just friends.'
I dont want to be just another one of your trends.
But then I start to remember
That what we have can't be forever.
I'm just a temporary girl
Who wants to give it a whirl
With an unavailable boy.

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