November 12, 2007
By Zoon Tariq, McLean, VA

A floating cloud of thought forms,
Around the elegant face of his.
The gesture then his eye performs,
Solely adds to her glowing bliss...

She gazes at him from a window above,
Smiling shyly in that satin smooth.
I see they're on the path of love,
Aye, 'tis the way of youth!

He nods that elegant face of his,
And bids his beloved adieu...
As lovely a sight as it is,
I envy the charm of its view...

He embarks on his remarkable quest,
While she hopes for his safe return.
Surely enough, his death I witness,
And feel my envy take a turn...

I want no more to stay in here -
This land of dreary love, oh so near!
Alas, why wish for a knight in armour...
When he cannot stay with you forever?
Convincing my heart with this, I wake...
Never to see her in her time of ache.

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