November 20, 2010

He's an animal,
Locked in a cage,
Fulled with rage,
From his head to his tail.
Fell like his life's a jail,
Behind bars like cells.
Nobody can read a book,
If they aint on the right page.
And nobody is more of a nonbeliever,
Than the zookeeper.
Who throws him in with all the others apes,
Thinking they goin get along,
But he's not the one to play.
He the type to take food off peoples plates.
And you can see he wants out by the expression on his face.
And it's depressing to know he has to wait.
Because the money that the zookeeper takes,
Is the money he's supposed to use to find the animal another place.
He knows his chance going to fade.
So he's thinking that there has to be another way.
And the others just fly away.
He tries to do it knowing that he can't.
So he plays to his strength,
And stop trying to be something that he aint.
He's an animal,
A lion,
That is very violent,
And makes people frighten without trying.
So what do you think he does when he gets out of the cage.
He starts diving,
His teeth into the zookeepers neck.
Checks for any breaths,
To make sure he has none left.
And you can guess,
Now he going to be in the cage longer.
With more security,
Because they know that he's stronger.
Got an animal trainer,
To try to stop his hunger.
But he doesn't want something to eat.
Just something to defeat.
Love the smell and the taste of somebody being beat.
But that's what happens when you put an animal in a cage,
That animal becomes a beast.

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