The Past, The Present, The Dream

November 12, 2007
By Paul Hetherington, Forrest, IL

A silent scream, a helpless cry
please dear lord don't let her die
she's taken more than anyone
and yet there was nothing she had done
She is beaten, mercilessly
please just let my father see
She is not the one to blame
She does not cause all the pain
It isn't her but only himself
he is put above all else
She stuck with him through the bad
And cares for the three kids he's had
But he doesn't care about us or her
He cares about his booze, thats his cure
the more he drinks, the worse he gets
When he comes to, he completely forgets
In his rage he tore us apart
He eternily broke my heart
So what I need like so many others
Is just one, caring, loving father

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